4 Types 3Pcs Set Bathroom Non-Slip Pedestal Rug + Lid Toilet Cover + Bath Mat

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Three piece set. For use under the table and in bedroom, kitchen, bed, car seat, sofa cushion, and so on. 

Adopting super soft fabric with high density, comfortable for feet, environmental protection.

Pattern and color, using imported high-end printing and dyeing equipment, no fuzzy, no color, pattern is beautiful and clear.

With non-slip backing pad, effectively prevent slippery

Water absorption, vacuuming, non-slip performance is good;

Easy to clean, not easy deformation, not easy to fade


(1) Velvet fabric, very soft feeling and comfortable, PVC mesh bottom, non-toxic, odorless, not moldy.

(2) Easy absorb water and dust, good slip resistance;

(3) Easy to clean, can be directly washed by washing machine or hands, not shed and fade, the back avoid to direct sunlight.

(4) High density super soft fabrics, comfortable, environmental protection, good venti


Hand wash: Soak in water 10 minutes, then add the detergent or laundry detergent, scrub gently with a brush.

Machine wash: Soak in water 10 minutes , then folded twice into the washing machine, don't with other clothes to wash.

 Package include:
1 set*(Pedestal Rug + Lid Toilet Cover + Bath Mat Set)
750*450mm. = 29.52 X 17.71 in.
450*350mm. = 17.71. X 13.77in.
350*400mm. = 14.76 X 15.74in.
Material: Plastic
Feature: Eco-Friendly
Model Number: /
Type: One Piece is Overcoat Toilet Case
Style: Three-piece Set